Unfortunately, we all experience moments of broken relationships and occasions of fragmented fellowship. The enemy seeks to sabotage our lives and ruin our relationships. This series on “FORGIVENESS” reveals biblical principles that guides in mending a broken heart and reconciling our shattered relationships.


THE ARMOR OF GOd series 

We all experience spiritual battles and struggles. We have a great adversary, slanderous accuser, and malignant foe who uses clever and crafty methods to destroy our lives and family. This series on “THE ARMOUR OF GOD” empowers, equips and enables every believer to overcome and conquer our great enemy so we may live the triumphant and victorious life for which God created us.



In life there is an innate desire to achieve, accomplish and attain. On the journey man often experiences dissatisfaction and discontentment. This series on “STEWARDSHIP” guides through the word of God on how to put in perspective one’s life, gifts and resources. Stewardship enable us to live a life of significance and meaning.


He Lives series

In life