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Sister Mattie Williams
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   Every Wednesday

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SUNDAY church school 
9 AM - 9:40 AM
wORSHIP service

One Call - 1-19 – 1-31-22

Heavenly Father, we thank You for answering prayers. We know that You are faithful to answer prayers on what we need and at the correct time. When we pray, help us to believe freely that everything in creation is under Your control and at Your command.


Let us lift Bro. Melton and Sis. Loretta Harris in the passing of her brother and nephew to Dea. Willie Hart. A service will be held - Aikens Funeral Home, Wednesday 1 pm and Interment in Lyons, Georgia on Friday.


Let us continue to keep all bereaved families as well as our sick and shut ins lifted.


Congratulations to Dea. William and Sister Ira Mae Ellison who celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary January 17th.

Sunday Church School begins  9 am until 9:40 am in the Sanctuary.  The  Lesson:  ”Jesus’ Prayer for His Disciples" coming from John 17th chapter: 6th -19th verses.  For  those attending Sunday Church School, please arrive by 8:30 using the Ellicott Street entrance. Upon entering, a face  is required  and a temperature check by the Temperature Scan that also dispense hand sanitizer.

Min. Bryant will deliver the Sunday message - 10 am until the Benediction. The Sunday services will continue to be broadcast  -  newhopetampa.org, You tube or Facebook.



. January 22nd –  Drive thru food bank - 7 am. If you are a volunteer food packer, please be available on Friday 9 am.


. January 30th - The 5th Sunday Mass Mission program will be 4 pm - Greater St. Paul M.B. Church Lakeland, Dr. N.S. Sanders, Senior Pastor. Masks are required and all CDC guidelines are in effect.


Father, thank You for always being with us and guiding us as we continue to move through uncertain times as we continue to support New Hope for the up building of your kingdom.

Thank You Cards

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