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Charles Washington

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Church School


The Church School Lesson "More than Conquerors” coming from Romans 8:28-39 to be broadcast on Thursday on or You  Tube.
Related Scriptures:  Jeremiah 29:10-14; John 3:18; Psalms 56:9-11; 118:5-7

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Dorine Norman

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Jerry Williams

Welcome to Sunday School:

As you are aware, the Sunday School fulfills an important function of the church.  That function is to raise up Disciples of Jesus Christ, not just to become “church goers”.  This is accomplished by students/members becoming involved in a small class receiving biblical instruction to furnish knowledge of divine truth.

The instruction is by reading, question and answer centering on the Bible.  Under the guidance of our teachers, attendees learn the importance of attendance, giving, reading the Bible daily, fellowship and evangelism. This participation then leads to becoming involved in the life of the church.

These are the qualities we strive for and an example to set for our children. We need to know God and Jesus Christ, the One whom He has sent. We must learn of Him and His work from the Bible, by study and also by faith. In Sunday School classes with good gospel study and participation we can accomplish this.

Please join us this Sunday, there is a class and teacher waiting for you.


Church School Teachers

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*Sister Frances Curry 

*Sister Marion Lindsey 

Church School Teachers

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